Model Portfolio

With multiple projects running daily, there are always opportunities for models, new and experienced.
However, some projects come to an end, but you might like them in your portfolio.
We offer a unique way of shooting. You only pay the costs of material, and you still receive commission on photo's sold as art.

Do you think you have what it takes? A good attitude, friendly (i.o.w. fun to work with), and do you like what you see, send us an email. 

Projects available at Cost

Here you find some of the projects we have done, and are finished as far as we are concerned.

However, you might feel inspired... so why not plan a day of shooting, and add one or two of the theme's below to your portfolio.
Prices? Look below, you'll be amazed at the price we do this for.

(Click on the moodboards/examples below, to view them large oron More to view the details)