Kitty Quinzell

"very friendly and easy to get on with, making sure I had everything I needed and that would make me comfortable for our stay.

I worked with Jeroen and Marja over a weekend in the Lake District. They were immediately We shot in some cold and windy conditions but they always made sure that Marja was ready to run in with my coat when it got too cold and that I could have plenty of breaks to warm up in the car. This level of organisation and care, made for a very fun and enjoyable shoot. The images I saw looked great and Jeroen had some very cool ideas. Marja has a great natural make up style which really emphasises the natural features.

Basically really lovely people who I hope to work with again in the near future :-)"

Shoots:   Abandoned Crossroads   -   Blown Away   -   Aperture   -   Midnight Playfullness   -   Beacon of Light   -   Lost Girl   -   Cold Rapids

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