Hazel Rose

"I met this lovely couple during there tour to the Lakes! We did a two day shoot and it flew by too quickly!"

"As soon as I met Jeroen and Marja we were having a good laugh and were relaxed straight away. They were both so lovely, professional and such fun to work with!"

"They scouted amazing locations to shoot at, which were beautiful and I was blown away with the creativity that these two had!"

"The communication was fantastic, the locations were amazing, the props and styles were so creative and the makeup by Marja was brilliant! Marja did my makeup both days and she was very professional and fun! Jeroen captured beautiful and creative shots in each location and directed well when required."

"They both ensured I was comfortable and happy throughout the shoots we did. We reviewed the images at the end of each day and we created some gorgeous images! I was so happy with the results."

"I can highly recommend working with Jeroen and Marja. They are such a wonderful couple and such great company! I hope to shoot with them again in the future as it truly was pleasure to shoot with them (and the 26 horses that photobombed us)."

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience xxx"

Shoots:   Bound & Abandoned   -   Dozed   -   You're Mine   -   Maiden of the Lake   -   The Horses Witch   -   Dominatrix Hazel Rose   -   Hooked   -   Haunted Stairway   -   Lady of the Falls   -   Private Moments

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