FAM - Fine Art Model

"I have spent a weekend with Marja and Jeroen at their place in Zwolle. Very fruitfull cooperation , I must say. We managed to shoot 6 different themes, and the results of then are satisfying.

Professional skills and a chilled atmosphere during the shooting makes Marja and Jeoren right people to work with. But beside being good in their job, they're very hospitable and welcoming. They took care of me feeling at home, even cooked meat-free during my stay. (Thank you!)

All together, I had a good time.

I recommend to work with them to everyone interested.

Of course I hope we manage to collaborate again!



Shoots:  Appocalypse Now!   -  Bewitched   -  Dutch Landscapes   -  Censored Clowns   -  Pacify Me!   -  Feminin Shapes   -  Royal Boudoir

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