Lucy Rouge

"I am happy and honoured, to have been given the opportunity to meet and work with Marja and Jeroen.  There are so many things to say that come to mind when thinking about this lovely and unforgettable team. 
From the very first moment that I have stepped through their door, I have received only kindness and warmth in their home. You can only feel at peace and welcome in their beautiful home. But their home isn’t the only thing emitting warmth and beauty, as their own personalities shine even brighter.  Both Marja and Jeroen are also very intelligent with interesting and strong opinions, it is an absolute delight to converse with them on a higher level. Humour is certainly not lacking in their personalities, leaving room for having one of those moments where you just can’t stop laughing. 

It is only normal for unique people to have an unique vision and level of creativity, that can be seen in every piece of art they make. Through photographs we are able to see a glimpse of the complexity and beauty of the world in their minds. Each piece is thought well through and was handled with precision and perfection.  In every picture you can see the hard work and strong teamwork that was needed for creating a new mind-blowing piece. A strong team stands firm through its pillars and needs every one of them to stay functional and solid. Through the impressive make-up skills of Marja, you can be perfectly transformed for a wide range of variety in shoots. From the most beautiful and elegant make-up to a more fantasy or even edgy look, each make-up job is just right for the occasion and is important for making the artwork. 

Besides the experience being fun and fruitful, I find every visit being one of personal growth as well. While being there I experienced that there was room for curiosity and questions. Through gentle guidance i learned so much, every moment is a fruitful and unforgettable learning experience that I have enjoyed to  the fullest. This experience makes that every shoot has never felt like a fearful job, but could only feel like a moment where dreams and fantasies could be explored."

Shoots:  Dominant of the Species   -  ScareCrow   -  The White Room   -   Inward Journey   -   Christmas Cards 2017 & 2018   -   Bare Emotions

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