Olinka Ličková

"A long awaited collaboration in the making.
The duo behind Sybarite was everything I hoped and more.

I felt I was very much in capable hands of this genuinely caring and thoughtful husband and wife team that had on deck everything a model about to pose nude in a blizzard or freezing stream could ever desire...and more!
Not only was their work ethic and skill level worth attempting to overcome these nearly unconquerable conditions, but their (Sometimes hilarious) candor made for a bond right from the start.
An unforgettable trip to Winterberg with Sybarite was furthermore outdone by sheer compassion when I was bedridden the next day and couldn't shoot the rest of our intended sets.

I cannot wait to make it up to them this coming May!"

Shoots:  Bewitched   -  Swamped

Website: na5tyninja