"I had a wonderful shoot with Marja and Jeroen during my Europe tour. I stayed for a night at their place and I am very thankful for their warm welcome and hospitality.
The shoot went well in their home studio as well as the location. Jeroen is also a very skilled photographer and I am very pleased with the images we created.
Communications was very clear and effective too.
I can't wait to work with them again.
Definitely highly recommended.
:-) "

Shoots:   The White Room   -   Girls   -   Clown Erotism   -   Royal Boudoir   -   Dutch Landscapes   -   Classic Erotism   -   Bewitched

Website: Sonya Lynn

"I had a wonderful weekend staying with Marja and Jeroen, and shot both Saturday and Sunday (with a location shoot also on the Friday evening when I arrived). They were incredibly accommodating and welcoming, even going to great lengths to make sure there was a variety of vegan food for me, and they were fantastic about offering snacks and breaks during shooting so I never felt overworked or stressed.
The images speak for themselves, and I'm incredibly pleased with the outcome of the shoots. Shooting with them was great fun, and having a home studio proved extremely useful as it rained for one of the days!
Thank you both for a wonderful weekend and I hope to shoot with you again in the future.
Highly recommended.
Elvira "

Shoots:   Take Pills   -   Amazonian Woman   -   Dance of Freedom   -   Grimm Kinks   -   Hard Surface   -   Feminine Shapes   -   Dutch Landscapes   -   Royal Boudoir

Website: Elvira Wolfe

"I stayed with Jeroen and Marja for a few days and it was so lovely. They are very open and friendly and I felt so comfortable. The photos we took had very interesting styles and were very beautiful and artistic. Also food = 5 stars. I am sad and fat to leave"

Shoots:   Clown Erotism   -   Suck   -   Float   -   Classic Erotism

Website: Erika Summer

"I cannot express enough how amazing mine and Electrics stay with Jeroen and Marja was! We were welcomed into their home with friendly, open kindness which immediately erased all nerves from my mind. We then met their beautiful two cats and an adorable kitten and I instantly knew I was going to enjoy the stay
Marja and Jeroen were generous hosts and a very creative team and their ideas to shoot were endless. Marja is a wonderful make up and hair stylist and I was very impressed with her 'erotic clown' style. Jeroen's shooting style is playful and spontaneous and he knows exactly how to get the shot he wants, I very much enjoyed working with them and cannot wait to go back
xx "

Shoots:   Classic Erotism   -   Bound & Abandoned   -   Primal Colors   -   Clown Erotism

Website:  Rascal333

"What can I say! I absolutely loved working with Marja & Jeroen. They are a lovely couple and were very hospitality during the 2 and a half day's I worked with them. 
They both have fantastic ideas and concepts and there is opporotunity to work in their home studio or outside on location; there are some lovely local areas around their home to shoot. 
Jeroen is a great photographer and Marja is a great make up artist and I very much enjoyed having my make up done especailly for the clown idea. 
They both are very friendly and I felt comfortable and at ease whilst working with them both. I also had the best BBQ at their house, the Venison ribs were amazing! 
I would totally recommend working with them both and have already discussed a second shoot with them next year. Thanks for a great time look forward to seeing the pictures! 
'Scarecrow fingers' x"

Shoots:   Classic Erotism   -   Bound & Abandoned   -   Waterlocked   -   Primal Colors   -   Clown Erotism

Website:  Electric Nymph

"Had a lovely shoot with Marja and Jeroen, when they stayed at my house over the weekend. We shot at some coastal locations which were familiar to me, in conditions which were difficult as it was extremely windy, but Marja was always ready at hand with my dress if I got too cold. They work together as a team very well- with Marja often playing the role of lookout- which is very helpful and practical on nude shoots! Jeroen and Marja are both lovely and friendly and professional, and the photo results I saw on the back of the camera looked beautiful- I look like I'm soaring over the Seven Sisters in my jumps."

":-) Highly Recommended."

Shoots:   Blown in the Wind   -   The 8th Sister   -   Arched

Website:  Freespirit

"I met this lovely couple during there tour to the Lakes! We did a two day shoot and it flew by too quickly!"

"As soon as I met Jeroen and Marja we were having a good laugh and were relaxed straight away. They were both so lovely, professional and such fun to work with!"

"They scouted amazing locations to shoot at, which were beautiful and I was blown away with the creativity that these two had!"

"The communication was fantastic, the locations were amazing, the props and styles were so creative and the makeup by Marja was brilliant! Marja did my makeup both days and she was very professional and fun! Jeroen captured beautiful and creative shots in each location and directed well when required."

"They both ensured I was comfortable and happy throughout the shoots we did. We reviewed the images at the end of each day and we created some gorgeous images! I was so happy with the results."

"I can highly recommend working with Jeroen and Marja. They are such a wonderful couple and such great company! I hope to shoot with them again in the future as it truly was pleasure to shoot with them (and the 26 horses that photobombed us)."

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience xxx"

Shoots:   Bound & Abandoned   -   Dozed   -   You're Mine   -   Maiden of the Lake   -   The Horses Witch   -   Dominatrix Hazel Rose   -   Hooked   -   Haunted Stairway   -   Lady of the Falls   -   Private Moments

Website:  Hazel Rose

"very friendly and easy to get on with, making sure I had everything I needed and that would make me comfortable for our stay.

I worked with Jeroen and Marja over a weekend in the Lake District. They were immediately We shot in some cold and windy conditions but they always made sure that Marja was ready to run in with my coat when it got too cold and that I could have plenty of breaks to warm up in the car. This level of organisation and care, made for a very fun and enjoyable shoot. The images I saw looked great and Jeroen had some very cool ideas. Marja has a great natural make up style which really emphasises the natural features.

Basically really lovely people who I hope to work with again in the near future :-)"

Shoots:   Abandoned Crossroads   -   Blown Away   -   Aperture   -   Midnight Playfullness   -   Beacon of Light   -   Lost Girl   -   Cold Rapids

Website:  Kitty Quinzell

"It was nice to work with Jeroen as photographer and Marja as MUA. 
Jeroen had a clear image of what he wanted to create which always is a good point to start from! :)"

Shoots:   Delicate Flower   -   Clown Erotism

Website:  Michelle

"Sybarite photography is a couple working together for THE best results. 
IT was a pleasure to work with them . 
Best make-up and beautiful picture's !"

Shoots:   Classic Female Portraitures   -   Figureheads   -   

Website:  Dafne

"Jeroen and Marja are exceptionally professional and welcoming creative couple. 
Jeroen has a clear idea and a schedule, the shoot is realization of that idea, but there is also room for improvisation - good balance between having a plan and going with the flow. 
Marja is great with make-up. Additionally, they welcomed me in their home and made every effort in regard to my comfort and well-being. 10/10!"

Shoots:   Delicate Flower   -   Clown Erotism

Website: Renate

"Worked with Jeroen and Marja 7 times and except for them being very talented and passionate, we always have lots of fun on set and always come to great creative ideas together! Will be working together next month and i can't wait! :)"

Modern Fairytales:  Little Red Ridinghood  -  Hansel and Gretel -  Snow White  -  Rapunsel -  The Girl with the Matchsticks

Website: Lisa Leipness

"It seems like ages ago that we did our fabulous shoot. But it was fun, the pictures were awesome and I was very well taken care of. You guys even where so nice to bring me home after the shoot!
Working with both of you was a very nice experience, you both are very nice and lovely people.
I would recommend you to any model!"

Shoot: Forrest Creature

Website: Joy Draiki


Een fijne mix van professionaliteit en gezelligheid maakt het super fijn samenwerken met jullie! Hoop dat er nog meer projecten volgen. Bedankt voor de leuke dag! Lfs


Elles van Velzen

Shoots:   Facets of Man   -   Rococo in Intamate Settings

Website: Elles van Velzen

"I've worked 2 times with Jeroen & Marja. Jeroen is a very creative photographer and Marja a good MUAH. It's nice to work with them, good atmosphere during the shoots and nice pictures :-)"

Shoot: Trashed

Website: Nathalya


Een fantastisch duo dat als een geoliede machine functioneert, het hoogste niveau van professionaliteit en ultieme gezelligheid weet te combineren, de ware kunstenaars van het licht en intieme kleuren Wij kijken nu al uit naar de vervolgsessie!!!! Wat een genot!

Georges Devdariani & Maria Lyudko

Shoots:   Facets of Man   -   DVD cover Maria Lyudko

Website: George and Maria