Sinds 1989

Jeroen was 14 when he started his first business, creating logo's and other business related DTP items. Using a cutting plotter for lettering and logo's for shops, trucks and boats. But as he took pictures of the projects as well, his photography was being noticed also.

It was during his study, working for the rotterdam broadcasting companies ″Omroep Bedrijf Rotterdam and Stads TV Rotterdam″ his creativity was further sparked as a photographer, but also for the initial steps as an art-director, as his role as floor manager and final director inspired him to use his full potential in both areas.

From photographing businesses and landscapes the step was made into model photography, after he was asked for some artistic and wedding photography.

As Jeroen is someone who enjoys every shoot as much as the next one, models also asked if it was possible for a modelling agency to be started that would tread them as good as they where treated during the photoshoots with Jeroen... Hence Esthetic Modelmanagement was born.


more to come...