Kitty Quinzell (2nd)

"I love Marja and Jeroen!

They kindly offered me and Bobbi a place to stay on our Netherlands tour, we could not have felt more welcome, comfy beds, delicious food and amazing company.


I shot 1:1 on one day and with Bobbi as a duo on the next.

Originality is a really hard thing to come by these days, yet I think Jeroen has some truly original and unique ideas, he is so easy to work with and you can always guarantee that as long as you work hard, you will come away with fantastic images!


Marja’s makeup skills are good too and work well for the various concepts.

As soon as Im back in the Netherlands, I will be back!"

Shoots:   Abandoned Crossroads   -   Blown Away   -   Aperture   -   Midnight Playfullness   -   Beacon of Light   -   Lost Girl   -   Cold Rapids

Website:  Kitty Quinzell